Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hilarious banned commercial:

Ridiculous person alert

Via Tracy at FRAUDfiles comes this hilarious story.

A guy got convicted for voting twice in the 2006 elections. The kicker, however, is that he tried to defend himself by saying he forgot!!!! Most commentators have neatly dissembled this argument, and I think I'm prepared to take it as given that he deliberately voted twice. In an era when far less than half of the electoral body actually votes, shouldn't we be lauding someone who tried to vote twice?

Or maybe just expelling them from the gene pool.

Why I shouldn't be rejoicing at Britney and Lohan's misery

because it can get much, much worse. Lainey's right that:

It is heartbreaking. And decidedly different from the almost absurd, circus-like scandal surrounding the Britneys and the Lilos.
Amy’s situation is so much more… authentic.