Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Real Word Sydney...looking interesting

So I just finished watching the real world sydney premiere, it was pretty interesting. First, the girls:

KellyAnne is the smoking hot brunette is is definitely a little crazy
Then there's a blonde who's already buddy-buddy with KellyAnne, her name's Trisha and is really a nice, classic valley girl air-headed blonde stereotype....bravo mtv.
There's one other blonde, Shauvon, she was pretty amusingly narcissistic, and long-winded which makes for great idiot quotes.
Then there's Parisa, who seems like the tomboy who revels in pissing off the valley girls, a perfect instigator for all sorts of bitchiness, cattiness, and hilariously petty feuds.


First, Cohutta, or something, which is a bizarre name. He is hard-core southern, from like deeeeep Miss. A unique character for the real world, I think he might join parisa to start some fun.
There's a shaved headed guy, Isaac, who was hard to read, other than he was the silent type with a crazy eye who's going to have to be placated every once and a while.
Lastly is a dude with the classic long-term gf, Dunbar. I cant tell it he's a tool yet, or if he's going to be the detached player-type who stirs things up.

all in all, looks like an excellent season to look forward too.

My bro, one why mascarpone is delicious

after he put his finger in the tub it came in:
", it's like 'what is your density?'" - JR
another great quote of the day, related to my posting of Miss Teen South Carolina, from the Newshole:
"Even in the gritty, dark world of beauty paegants, it was one for the ages. Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina. Who long ago made the right choice. The contests with the tiaras. In lieu of, say, the national geography bee."

This guy has his whole material life online

It's amazing! And its catalogued by colour, size, material, use, usage amount, location, cost, and ownership. From perusing his life, its obvious he's a photographer (asides from the fact he took thousands of pretty good pictures) because he has about 14 of these:

plus gadgety stuff like this:Anyway, I'm guessing that this is him and his partner:

But I could definitely be wrong.

Anyway, its a bizarre scene, but I like it, I think its amazingly cool. When I found it earlier this afternoon I was blown friend ER was far less impressed. She was appalled. Why do I like it?

Mainly because it represents the unadulterated freedom of the internet.

Maybe also because I'm an unabashed contrarian. Many people would and will recoil in horror at the very concept of having the whole of their worldly possessions cataloged in intimate detail for everyone to peruse. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do it, but that doesn't really hold me back from looking at the pictures in intimate detail. I mean, as I look at them, I try to puzzle out who this guy and his partner are, as human beings, but the more I try, the more I realize he's getting the last laugh.
Everyone is out there, right now, sifting through the material detritus of his life trying to understand him, or at least relate, or something. Their quest, and my quest, is ultimately futile. We can never even come close, with even this intimate a set of detailed miscellanea.

Pretty cool.