Thursday, September 6, 2007

My ipod dilemma

So those of my paltry few readers who know me know that I am a born contrarian- socially, ideologically, politically, economically, but above all, technologically. In fact, I distinctly remember passionately arguing the merits of tapes over CDs in a soccer practice stretching circle when I was 10. I have thus resisted cellphones, Facebook and innumerable other important, major innovations since then. Each of these has been overcome in turn. It is a major, major flaw. I'm working on it.

Now comes the last one....I dont own an ipod. In fact, I dont even own an mp3 player of any kind. It's been on my to do list ipod. Well, the announcement of the new iPod touch is obviously turning everything on its head.

I'm wondering....I love the touch, but the nano is also interesting. They've redesigned it and it now has video. On the other hand, the touch is the future! I cant decide. Size or coolness? Portability or wireless?

On a separate note, Apple cut the price of the iphone by $200!, which pissed everyone off who had already bought one. Check out the Consumerist:
Early Adopter Syndrome can strike anyone—our fancy N95 is less than six months old and has just been kicked to the curb by Nokia for a new version that works with US 3G—so we sympathize with all of you who just shelled out $600 for that great iPod/so-so phone combo from Apple. The Unofficial Apple Weblog offers the following five suggestions on how to fix your little $200 problem.
Apple however, has frankly done A+ PR damage control on this. When I first heard this, I thought big deal, I frankly didnt have a lot of sympathy for the early adopters. The blogosphere and internet went wild though, as seen above. To their credit, apple decided to contain the damage and are now offering $100 rebates to everyone who already bought one. Wow. Check out the letter one dude wrote to Steve Jobs from the Consumerist:

The business behind your idea is quite clear, and makes sense I admit. Introduce a product with a higher price and let those who will buy it at that price do so, and then decrease the price after you have saturated demand at the higher price. Despite the good business behind it, even as an owner of Apple stock I am still offended, and disappointed with your decision at the lack of integrity, and penny-pinching which this reflects on you and your company.

Decreasing the price of the 8 GB iPhone without offering some sort of refund or even Apple store credit to the faithful who rushed out to support your product and made it the sensation that it has become is a disservice to your followers; and leaves this fanboy for one not only feeling taken advantage of, but also at least a little less enchanted with you and your company.

I hope that you will take steps to make this right by your loyal followers who feel that they have been taken for fools.

Impressive argument. I have to say it also illustrates that the iphone sales are probably sluggish, largely due to apple's idiotic decision to only go with AT&T, buggy issues, and its lack of true revolutionary stuff. The ipod price only got cut today, after they introduced their own successor. The ipod touch, however, seems pretty awesome to me.

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