Monday, August 27, 2007

Interesting development in Duke lacrosse case

The Duke lacrosse case essentially first introduced me to the blogging world, primarily through the amazing work of professor KC Johnson at his blog Durham-in-Wonderland. Well, straight from the good Professor KC comes this interesting development, the city of Durham had been holding an inquiry into the conduct of the police department during the Duke Lacrosse case.

Well, it turns out that the players' attorneys contacted the city to tell them to retain all documents, as there was a possibility of a civil suit. In turn, the city dutifully carried out the request, and also informed its insurance company, as required by the terms of its coverage agreement.

It appears from the City of Durham's official statement that the insurance company told the city not to investigate itself, because it might incriminate itself during the course of that investigation. The insurance company's letter:
further reminded the City of its contractual duties to cooperate under the provisions of the policy, which would include not engaging in activities that might compromise a subsequent defense of an action against the City.

Oh man, does that make me laugh!

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Benaiah said...

I have trouble enjoying "DiW". The blog is often rants that go on for thousands of words and the general point that the group of 88 should be punished is completely off. This is a back way into the academic litmus test thinking. If I hear one more person say that those weren't "real" professors because they don't teach biology or chemistry then my head will fucking explode. Fuck the hard sciences and lets have professors who do outrageous things and talk about things like the completely fucked up gender politics of the Duke social scene (even at inopportune times).

As a Duke student I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the LAX players were generally douche bags and there was a reason everyone thought they did it. They got railroaded, but the group of 88 made some good points.